Websites Similar to Chegg in 2023

Websites Similar to Chegg in 2023

Want to learn more about websites similar to chegg that can help you with your homework, studying for exams, and getting writing help? We have covered all the information you need in this article. Let’s get this party started as soon as possible.

What Is Chegg?

Chegg is a great place to find affordable textbooks, help with your homework, and explain many subjects. But if you’re looking for another option, here are 20 sites that are comparable to Chegg and worth checking out. While not all of them have the same functionality as Chegg, they can be modified for specific needs.

Like Chegg, several websites focus on helping students find essay help. A good example of this is Bartleby. Four main service options are provided on this website, including:

Best 5 Websites Similar to Chegg

1. Course Hero

2. OneClass

3. Bartleby

4. Quizlet

5. Photomath

20 Websites Similar to Chegg

Here are list of websites which is similar to chegg: 

1. Course Hero

Like Chegg, Course Hero is a subscription-based website that offers 24/7 homework help. Additionally, it offers “Textbook Solutions and Explanations” that include detailed walkthroughs of homework problems in most popular texts.

For any student who needs help, CourseHero’s tutoring feature is helpful. However, detailed descriptions make it difficult for lecturers to assign graded homework. Students can easily find solutions on CourseHero by searching their textbook, then submit it as their assignment.

2. OneClass

OneClass markets itself as a community-based website that offers customized coursework assistance. It provides a wide range of services, including homework help, class notes, study aids, textbook solutions, and more. The website encourages current students to share their notes and homework assignments in exchange for “money”.

Students can search websites for homework help, but they can also search for solutions to any published homework assignment. Even other students who have taken the course can be approached for advice. For students who want someone else to do the work for them, OneClass is a one-stop shop.

3. Bartleby

Another website for textbook solutions and homework help is Bartleby. The website markets itself as a resource for studying questions not found in textbooks given by lecturers. However, students can undoubtedly find any answer in the books posted on the website.

Students have access to instructors, homework assistants, and even an online writing center, just like on other homework assistance websites. However, the textbook solutions section is the biggest benefit of the site’s subscription service. Students using Bartleby have access to the most popular textbooks used in introductory courses across the country.

4. Quizlet

A study platform called Quizlet allows students to test themselves on their coursework. The website provides multiple choice tests, quizzes and flashcards, among other things. This is a great way to remember information, including names, dates and medical terms. Students can create their own quizlet sets or use public sets created by other students.

Cheating issues appear mostly in public settings. Students who are using general textbooks, or even students from your previous classes, can post complete quizlet sets that contain definitions and answers to common homework topics. Students can easily cheat online exams for classes like medical terminology using Quizlet.

5. Photomath

With Photomath, kids can “learn” math more effectively. Students can access it from almost anywhere as it is both a digital platform and an app. You can upload a math problem to PhotoMath, and it will walk you through the process of solving it. Students can use this as a quick way to complete their assignments without doing the actual work.

Because it doesn’t rely on users posting solutions to questions, PhotoMath is extremely challenging. The maths can be completed by the app itself. It even shows the learner how to present their work. The only effective way to prevent students from using PhotoMath is to have them solve the equations in an appropriate order away from their phones.

6. PaperCoach

PaperCoach is a service that completes assignments precisely. The website allows anyone to hire someone else to write anything for them, from articles to dissertations. The business enables lazy students to hire a writer to complete their assignments. We also do your homework so you don’t have to match the tagline. This is clearly against the idea of academic integrity.

7. Socratic

An app called Socratic was created to help students learn everything from biology and algebra to poetry. The software is a Google AI enabled app. The AI recognizes the subject and the problem once the student takes a picture of the assignment they are having trouble with. The student is then guided through the resolution or justification.

Socrates is a useful technique for learning on ungraded tasks, but there are work problems that are being graded. The software allows students to use its descriptions to “present their work” and solve their homework for them. Because of this, it can be difficult for teachers to tell if a student has employed Socrates to complete their homework unless they take a different approach than what is taught in class.

8. School Solver

An online tutoring platform called School Solver positions itself as a support rather than a solution. The platform does not track how tutors and students interact. Tutors respond to students’ requests for help with specific questions based on their opinion of whether the payment is reasonable. It is more likely that the tutor will only complete the homework assignment for the student who is willing to pay more for “help”.

9.  PaperHelp

When it comes to writing services, PaperHelp is a great alternative to Chegg. As it allows students to choose the format for the assignment or paper they must submit and offers related services, it can be the best paper writing service. You can create original content with the help of this platform.

You can choose a due date, and your paper will be sent before that time. The paper will be written as per the instructions of the student, and the fee will be calculated in the same manner. Because our platform respects student privacy, you can also be sure that no one else will see your information.

10. Writers Per Hour

Using Writers Hourly to access Chegg is a fantastic additional alternative. This is a trusted essay writing service that reviews original, custom essays.

The media professionals on staff are highly equipped to handle a variety of writing assignments, including prompt articles, research, dissertations, and essays. These also include friendly customer service representatives and acceptable refund policies.

Additionally, you will get a 15% discount on your first order.

11. Coursera

This is taken into account by websites like Chegg. Through this online resource, it is possible to access thousands of online courses. Undoubtedly, anyone in the world can benefit from the services offered by this platform.

One of the most interesting features of the website is its partnership with over 200 organizations worldwide. So students should consider this website when looking for a place to learn online.

Because it offers a variety of degree programs that are significantly less expensive than those offered on campus, Coursera is favored by some users. Meanwhile, courses are overseen by several leading institutions, including Yale and Princeton University.

12. Book Finder

In the meantime, BookFinder is a good choice if you’re looking for a service similar to Chegg that lets you borrow textbooks. This website is known for its commitment to providing educational resources to anyone who needs them.

In 1997, this platform was initially built. You can borrow items from various collections these days, which will undoubtedly help in your academic writing. The best part is that anyone in the world can use the services.

Users of the Bookfinder portal can search for books from a range of booksellers worldwide. After all, the price is negotiable.

13. SellBackBooks

If you often use Chegg to exchange textbooks, this is a great choice. This is because you can make some extra money by selling used textbooks that you won’t use again on the SellBackBooks website.

To find out the price, just check the book’s ISBN. You can then sell the book and receive instant payment using their direct transfer feature.

Even shipping costs will not be a concern for you as they will be covered. Traditional campus bookstores will offer you great value for your used books, and are trusted by many students everywhere.

14. Stack Exchange

A great site to go to if you need help with questions and answers is Stack Exchange. One of the best places to find an answer to any problem is the Stack Exchange network, which has over 170 sites and domains each dedicated to a specific topic.

There are far more topics available than Chegg, including simple and complex technical issues.

Unlike Chegg, you don’t have to pay a fee to ask questions on Stack Exchange. On Stack Exchange, anyone can answer a question. You don’t have to be an expert, and your coworkers don’t review answers.

15.  24 Hour Answers

As stated earlier, Google will present you with a wide range of options for websites that can be compared to Chegg. 24 hour answers are among the websites you should visit.

This platform was created and established by a chemistry professor. This will result in you having easy access to micro-tutoring. You can choose the title according to your needs.

Although there are no free services offered on this platform, the subscription is affordable. You will not need to pay monthly charges. The system will give you a quote based on your requirements.

On the 24 Hour Answers website, you can post a range of questions. Your compensation will depend on how strange your questions are. You can first browse the list of questions that have already been answered.


If you’re looking for a micro-tutor, a great Chegg alternative is It’s a great Chegg alternative to earn money and includes tuition, classes, books, and entry tools. You will be tutored by professionals who are employed in the best educational institutions.

Before contacting tutors, you can read their profiles carefully. You can contact the tutor and arrange a session if you feel they are suitable for your needs.

This applies to students of all ages. For example, if you are a parent of a young child and do not feel that you have enough time or attention to devote to your child, you can hire a tutor to guide your child.

17. Paul’s Online Notes

If you need help with college-level math, Paul’s online math notes will be helpful. Although visitors cannot ask questions on the website, the notice is intended to address common inquiries that Paul students may have.

Paul Dawkins, professor of mathematics at Lamar University, created the website. However, he wrote notes for all university students, not just his classes.

The website, unlike Chegg, is completely free to use, and you don’t even need to create an account. Paul wanted to make his notes and explanations freely available to everyone because this project is meaningful to him.

18. Studypool

You can choose from many learning options on this website that MicroTutoring offers. When you need help, post your query on Studypool with the deadline and payment you want to make.

You can gauge the qualifications of the tutors as they make their bids and select the best. If you want to learn all about the subject, you can take classes in person or online.

A note bank containing more than 20 million documents and notes covering different academic levels and topics is another feature of Studypool. Additionally, it offers book guides, which summarize popular works by chapter.


In this blog we discuss Websites Similar to Chegg in 2023. I hope you get all the information related to chegg. If you like this blog then share with your friends and on social media channels. Thank you!

What is a free alternative to Chegg?

Answer: Quizlet is the best free alternative to Chegg

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