Top 3 Best Online Poker Tips Used By Proven 2023

Top 3 Best Online Poker Tips Used By Proven 2023

People often search for the best online poker tips.

As a professional who has played online poker for over ten years, I finally decided to go into detail about this topic on my blog.

Best 3 Online Poker Tips Used By Pros:

1. The first master to crush micro stakes.

2. Always lift when entering the vessel.

3. Never be afraid to raise a lot before the flop.

I plan to go far into each of them, though.

So, I’m going to give you 3 latest online poker tips or techniques that the pros use.

Let’s get started right away!

1. The First Master to Crush Micro Stakes : Advanced Poker Strategy

The first tip for playing online poker is often not the most popular. And that’s just to start with very low stakes.

But what does “microstack” really mean?

When I use the phrase “microstakes” in connection with online poker, I mostly mean 1 cent/2 cent blind games (2NL) and 25 cent/50 cent blind games (50NL).

Nowadays, some online poker sites offer games with blinds of 2 cents/5 cents or even 5 cents/10 cents. However, I usually recommend starting with the smallest stake.

Everyone wants to play high-stakes games and win big, but if you’re new to online poker or have had trouble winning so far, it’s important to play low-key first. Learn to dominate weaker players.

And that’s because by doing so, you’ll learn the basics, which will greatly help you overcome the tough competition you’ll face in high-stakes poker games.

Even if you are a very skilled poker player (perhaps with a long history of playing live), I still recommend starting out at micro stakes for a week or two to prove that you can beat these guys. Can be easily defeated.

Please take my word for it when I say that playing high stakes or mid stakes online poker is no longer a walk in the park. This refers to minimum bet sizes of 100NL (50c/$1 blind games).

It is very important to demonstrate your ability to win at small stakes first, otherwise you will not stand a chance in these big stakes games.

2. Always Raise When Entering the Pot Preflop: Best Online Poker Tips

One of my best tips for playing online poker is to always raise before the flop.

Now, I understand that this may seem a little strange at first, especially if you have experience playing live poker where limping (just calling the blinds before the flop) is far more common.

However, limping is much less common when playing poker online. And to be perfectly honest, if you limp too much, it’s possible that a stronger player will start to routinely isolate you and challenge things for you post-flop.

Here’s a great example of why I don’t recommend limping too often in online poker:

Poker Snowball Effect

As you can see, this leads to what I like to refer to as the “snowball effect”, a bad situation.

When playing online poker, it’s almost always a good idea to grab the pot lead immediately before the flop.

I recommend raising it three times from the big blind. For each limp, you must also add an additional big blind. If you are out of position, you should also add an additional big blind, per limper.

This is the same preflop raising strategy that I described in Crushing the Microstakes, as those of you who have read the book know.

3. Never Be Afraid to Raise a Lot Before the Flop

One of my best online poker tips is to reraise frequently before the flop. By the way, it is also known as “3-beat”.

For similar reasons, you should reraise preflop quite often. This only increases our chances of winning the pot.

We can get them out of the pot post-flop by being aggressive or we can take it down pre-flop by making the strongest hand (bidding or raising).

Now, because you’ll be called more often in low-stakes games, you don’t want to go crazy with 3-betting. However, if you hold a powerful premium hand, such as:

  • AA
  • KK
  • QQ
  • JJ
  • AK

Then you should raise the pre-flop quite often.

The only real exception is when a tight player raises in early position because they will only be doing so with a very small number of very powerful hands.

By the way these are the seats directly to the left of the blinds.

Position Seats
Position Seats

We should expect an athlete (who is already tight) to have a very powerful range when rising from these seats. Probably limited as follows: 88, 99, TT, JJ, QQ, KK, AA, AQ, and AK.

With a strong hand like TT, JJ, QQ, or AK, it often makes sense to flat call to control the size of the pot.

Additionally, if we have AA or KK and they are mentioned, it may be wise to just make a flat call to put them in the pot. Additionally, we get to use our position in both cases (huge advantage).

When you have one of these premium hands, though, you should be 3-betting (re-raising) in literally every other situation.

But you should also engage in some “light 3-betting”. This shows that you are making a risky decision to pick up again.

This in turn makes it much more difficult to play against you.

Again, currency is important in this situation. When the action is centered around the button or it’s blind vs. blind, you want to 3-bet lightly.

For all the reasons we’ve just gone over, avoid 3-betting someone who raises from an early position.

Final Thoughts:

So here you have got top 3 online poker tips!

But to be completely honest, winning regularly at online poker really just comes down to applying the fundamentals day in and day out.

Yes, you can sign up for an advanced poker training course and learn some high-level material once the stakes are raised a bit.

However, to consistently win at the micro-levels you just need to be decently aggressive pre-flop and post-flop.

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