Top 10 Los Angeles Mobile App Development Companies

Top 10 Los Angeles Mobile App Development Companies

Los Angeles app developers collaborate and take great pleasure in making a big impact on the mobile app development companies, which is growing rapidly. In the coming years, app shops will generate billions of dollars in revenue. An effective mobile strategy has both broad objectives and precise goals. Additionally, you can explore these techniques and build effective, cross-platform apps with the help of app developers.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Companies in Los Angeles

S. NoCompany Name LocationRateEmployeesFounded In
1ISBXLos Angeles, CA$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492009
2Swenson HeBeverly Hills, CA$100 – $149 / hr10 – 492014
3App Makers LA Los Angeles, CA$50 – $99 / hr2 – 92014
4Wve Labs Newport Beach, CA$50 – $99 / hr50 – 2492015
5SidebenchSanta Monica, CA$100 – $149 / hr50 – 2492012
6Overturn TechnologiesLos Angeles, CA$25 – $49 / hr2 – 92015
7Ripe Media Los Angeles,CA$100 – $149 / hr2 – 92003
8Frenchy DigitalLos Angeles, CA$25 – $49 / hr10 – 492019
9Topflight AppsIrvine, CA$100 – $149 / hr2 – 92016
10AnyalphaWalnut Creek, CA< $25 / hr50 – 2492013

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Here are the given below the list of top 10 mobile app development companies in Los Angeles:

1. ISBX – Best Mobile App Development Company

ISBX, a leading web and mobile application services provider, is based in Los Angeles, California, and is recognized by Inc 500 and The Los Angeles Business Journal as one of the city’s fastest growing businesses. They serve clients in four countries, developing apps for the world’s largest retail, entertainment, and consumer electronics firms.

Her business process outsourcing segment has approximately 150 employees, while their software services segment has a staff of 50 employees. Since 2003, the ISBX executive management team has been developing software for Fortune 500 firms.

2. Swenson He – Top Mobile App Development Company

Swenson He is a dedicated group of experts who collaborates directly with founders at all levels of funding to create unique mobile and web solutions. Their extensive expertise in developing unique mobile and web solutions has helped our clients achieve rapid user growth, award-winning digital experiences, and collectively raise more than $50 million in capital.

Because they continually invest in the success of our clients and their technology, They consistently deliver outstanding results. 

3. App Makers LA – Best Platform Mobile Applications

App Makers LA is an award-winning company specialising in developing great apps on schedule and under budget. They worked on anything from wild startup concepts envisioned by NFL player Austin Eckler to sophisticated business systems developed for legendary firms like Los Angeles Apparel.

Her core area of ​​expertise is building cross-platform mobile applications and websites (i.e. those that use the same code for Android, iOS and the web), but they are experts in everything that involves bits and bytes. Includes, from blockchain to artificial intelligence.

4. Wve Labs – Best Design and Development Company

Wve Labs, a firm specialising in digital product design and development, aims to offer end-to-end technical solutions and consulting for branding, product ideation, development, testing and marketing. 

They collaborate with Fortune 500 companies as well as startups to advise them on how to create an effective digital environment. A young and energetic team of consultants, analysts, developers, marketing experts, designers, and data engineers have been assembled with vast experience in digital business. 

5. Sidebench – The Best Product Design Teams in the World

A popular strategy, design and development firm based in Los Angeles is Sidebench. They provide innovative enterprise companies and leading startups with the strategic value of management consultants and experienced founders exploring product strategy, informed data and systems architects with the technical know-how, as well as a UX-first approach. One of the best product design teams in the world.

6. Overturn Technologies

Before spending time and money, you should think about the company’s team, and in this regard, Overturn Technologies is unmatched. Startup founders, designers, full-stack engineers, independent thinkers, and strategists make up their team. Apart from being a top-notch firm for developing mobile apps, they can help you come up with original concepts and create apps that will work for your target audience.

7. Ripe Media – Best Design and Marketing Firm

A full-service design and marketing firm, Ripe Media is led by a group of world-class creatives and producers. Their aim is to meet their clients and understand everything regarding brand management and communication and take their client’s business to the next level.

They adopt a technology-first approach to provide you with the mobile apps you want. That allows them to deliver projects to your expectations. If you want only the best projects, you can trust Ripe Media. Every mobile app they create is the result of extensive study and development. So with that, you can say that their major criterion is “quality”.

8. Frenchy Digital – Best App Development Company

Frenchy Digital is available from 2019 for businesses like yours that need innovative concepts and advanced tools to help their customers. If you enjoy working with companies that respect mutually beneficial relationships, Frenchy is the best option.

Whether you need web app development or mobile app development, they can provide ideal services for you. We are here to be your partner in Frenchy digital. Additionally, they are known for not attaching an exorbitant price tag to their services.

9. Topflight Apps – Top Companies in the Mobile Development Industry

Topflight is one of the leading businesses in the mobile development sector and is based in Los Angeles. Together with them, full-stack developers, full-stack designers, and UX/UI designers, they can deliver your project with exceptional precision and allow it to change to meet your client’s needs. .

Topflight aims to help charities with software development and app design. Therefore, they should create a variety of low-cost applications for non-profit organisations. Top flight can be the ideal option for a company like yours because of their elite staff, timely product delivery, elite speed, and more.

10. Anyalpha – Software Application Development

Anyalpha has recently expanded its range of businesses, from startups to industry titans. They can offer you customised software application development services that incorporate cutting-edge technologies like AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, and AR/VR to create industry-specific mobile apps.

They start the project by understanding the client’s needs to sustain their growth in a very cut-through sector. For this reason, their professionals develop effective digital projects for both small businesses and large corporations using the latest programming languages, latest technology, frameworks, platforms and tools. Their specialised software development services help businesses rapidly expand their markets and add value to their brands.


These 10 businesses are leading the mobile app development companies. All these businesses provide different technologies that are beneficial to mobile users. The mobile application development market is booming. A large increase in mobile users will only fuel the expansion of the mobile industry.

Businesses must find the right technology partner if they want to take advantage of this. They can achieve their business goals faster with the help of this partner. We hope that this list of mobile app development companies in Los Angeles will be helpful to you in your search and will serve as a result of your efforts.

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