How to Verify Google Business Without Address(Six Ways)

How to Verify Google Business Without Address(Six Ways)

This blog explain How to Verify Google Business Without Address,

You’re probably aware of how difficult Google has made it to get verified. Addresses also sometimes disappear for unknown reasons. However, if you miss verification, your business profile will remain inactive forever. This post will explain How to Verify Google Business Without Address quickly. So let’s get you started.

Note that if you haven’t yet created your Google Business listing, Google may or may not need to verify your business location with a physical address. Depending on the type of business you operate and the category it falls under, Google may allow you to verify your company in a various ways (as indicated below) without your business being registered. 

So today I’m going to demonstrate 7 different techniques you can use to verify your business without using an address verification system.

How to Verify Google Business Without Address

1. Use Email Verification

Email is another way to verify Google My Business without an address. You have the option to select it during registration to receive the code in an email. If you want instant verification, use the same email address specified on the Google Business Profile. If not, an additional verification method other than the emailed code may be required.

2. Verify With Phone or Text

The first option you have for how to verify Google Business without address is through a phone call or text message. A code that can be entered into the Google My Business account will be delivered to the owner of the linked Google account via voice call or SMS.

3. Choose a Live Video Call

You may be given the option to verify Google Business without an address by setting up a live video conference with a Google representative while setting up your company page. Similar to uploading a video recording, this verification method is done over the phone with a live operator. Similar evidence, such as the appearance of the building, any equipment present, and any administrative records should be present.

4. Upload a Video Recording

Some businesses can use Google to verify their location by uploading a video showing their actual location. The location should match the Google Maps location of the business listing and include any external landmarks, such as street names and other surrounding businesses. Additional documentation, such as on-site equipment and management records, is required as evidence.

5. Verify With Google Business Support

If you’re having trouble verifying your business and don’t have a physical address to use for location, the best way to do this is to contact Google Business Support. For a list of assistance and support channels, including email, live chat, phone, Twitter, Facebook, and the Community Help Center, see this linked tutorial on how to contact Google My Business.

6. Use Google Search Console Instant Verification

In some situations, Google Search Console can be used for faster verification, so you don’t need to provide company address documentation. Before adding or claiming a business profile, existing Search Console users who are signed into the platform can verify a matching website with a company. The “get verified” option would have allowed new Search Console users to automatically verify their listing without providing address verification after adding or claiming a Google My Business profile and verifying their respective websites.

How to Verify Google My Business Without Postcard Address

1. Call Google Phones you

2. Text Google text you

3. Email This uses your domain based on the official website domain

4. Google Search Console You can add your website to the search console Then verify domain ownership on your server using the Googles TXT record

5. Video verification Set an appointment with Google.

6. Video Recording

What If My Business Doesn’t Have An Address Yet?

If you don’t have a street address for the office site, you can use your home address for the business. To communicate with local clients, Google Business gives you the option to disable address location on Google Maps and select a service region.

Verify Google Business Without Address Summary

I hope this tutorial on how to verify Google My Business without an address was helpful.

As you now know, there are different ways to verify a Google My Business profile without verifying an address. And not all companies will need to provide documentation of their physical location. In some situations, you can obtain clearance in a variety of ways, such as a live call, text message, email, video recording, or phone call.

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