How to Learn Video Editing Online?

How to Learn Video Editing Online?

How to Learn Video Editing Online? Video editing is a very trending skill and nowadays almost every company needs one or more video editors. So if you learn video editing online then you can get a job immediately. Apart from this, you can increase your followers by putting your own video content on your social media platforms and also earn money from your social account. Keeping these things in mind, today I am going to tell you how to learn  video editing online?

There are many video editors available on the internet such as Filmora, Final Cut Pro and many more. But one thing is special in all these popular software that to use them everyone has to download and also have to spend money for premium tools.

How to Learn Video Editing Online?

If you just want to do basic video editing then you do not need to download any app or software. There are many websites on the internet where you can do basic video editing absolutely free of cost.

Meaning of Basic Video Editing:- By basic video editing I mean that you have to do some small work like trimming the video or reducing the size of the video or two or more videos to join together. You can do all these things absolutely free without creating an account on any app or website.

There are many sites for basic video editing but here I am telling you about some such websites which are absolutely free and essential. As we find more cool websites, I’ll add them here. If you also know about any better online video editor, then you must tell the name in the comment below, we will include it in this list.

How to Learn Video Editing Online?

Friends video editing is very easy and simple, so here I am going to tell you some basic methods of video editing, by which you will learn professional video editing from your mobile phone. But before that read the below steps carefully

1. First of all you have to shoot your video in a better way.

2. Whenever you shoot a video, always keep one thing in mind: whatever music you use in your video, download it and keep it ready.

3. If you want to use another video or a small clip of it in your video, then prepare it first.

4. Set the kind of starting you want to give in your video so that you don’t have any problem during video editing.

5. So you have to take care of all these things after which you can edit the video using any Android App.

6. After checking the video you have made, keep the right part of it and trim the rest of the part.

7. Set the video the way you want it to play, that is, add effects and music to it properly.

8. Then after that once you do your video properly so that the way you wanted to edit it, it was edited in the same way or not.

9. After checking you can export your video

Friends, I have told you very well about Video Editing Kaise Kare. So come friends, now we know how to do video editing from our smart phone.

List of Best Free Video Editing Tool Online

1. Canva – Create Beautiful Graphics & Video Editing

Canva is a very popular graphic designing software, in which you can create any type of graphics. Apart from graphics, you can also edit videos in Canva. You do not need to download Canva to do video editing in Canva. You go to Canva.Com and create your free account and start your video editing.

Canva also comes with a mobile application and a desktop application, but I would recommend that you edit photos or videos on the Canva website itself, if you have a computer. You can download and use their app for mobile.

2. Clideo – Best Free Online Video Tools,

Clideo is a free online video tools platform where you get a lot of tools to edit videos. Here you can take advantage of all the features without creating an account. There are a total of 22 tools in it, which you can take advantage of absolutely free. To use it, you do not need to download any app or software on mobile or computer.

To use Clideo, you have to go to their website Clideo.Com and from there you can use whatever video tools you want for free. I use it too and you should too.

3. Kapwing – The Collaborative Online Video Editor

Kapwing is also a very good online video editing platform, here you get about 60 online editing tools absolutely free. Here you can use all 60 video editing tools without creating an account, which is a great thing. You don’t need to download any software or mobile app to use it, you can use it online.

To use Kapwing, you have to go to its website Kapwing.Com and open and use any tool you want to use out of more than 60 tools. In this you do not need to create an account.

4. Invideo – Online Video Editor

Invideo is also a very popular online video editor that lets you create and edit videos online for any platform. This is also a free online video editor, you don’t need to download it to use it. You have to go to Invideo.Io, after that you have to create an account, then you have to start editing your videos.

With the help of InVideo, you will not be able to do video editing on your mobile or smartphone, so if you have a computer or laptop, then use the same. If you don’t have a computer or laptop, you can download InVideo’s mobile app called Filmer.

How to do Online Video Editing on Mobile?

Editing videos from mobile is very easy, just for this you have to follow step by step given by us, so that you can edit any video from your smartphone and make your video like other videos. You can make it nice and attractive. So let’s know about those methods

1. Install any video editing application

2. Select the video in the application

3. Choose a theme for the video

4. Choose Music

5. Choose another video

Friends, by following these five methods, you can easily edit any video, so let us now understand these five steps in detail below.

Best Application for Video Editing from Mobile

Dear readers, there are some great applications for video editing from mobile, with the help of which you can edit videos easily.

1. Kinemaster Application

2. Quick Video Editor

3. Video Editor

4. PowerDirector Video Editor

5. Vita Video Editor

6. InShot Video Editor

7. YouCut Video Editor

8.VN Video Editor

9. Filmora Go Video Editor

10. VivaCut Pro Video Editor

Friends, out of these ten video editing applications, you can choose any app for video editing and you can download these apps from Google Play Store only because all these apps are available on Google’s Play Store.


Whether you want to grow your business or you want to increase your YouTube subscribers or Instagram followers, making videos is very important for you. There are many companies whose videos went viral and their business became popular overnight. That’s why you should also focus on video marketing.

We hope you have understood how to do online video editing and what are the best online video editing tools. If you still have any question, then ask in the comment section below, we will definitely answer it.

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